The Polar Dive Chiller



Introducing The world's #1 affordable Ice Bath Chiller! Our 1/3 HP V2 chiller is the ultimate solution for your ice bath routine, that doesn't break the bank like most other ice bath chillers on the market. It measures just 12x12x13in (29x29x32cm) and brings your water down to a refreshing 39°F (3°C) in no time. It's time to save time and hassle, with this chiller you will not have to run to the store for ice ever again. The Pod Water Chiller is for indoor & outdoor use, and extremely energy efficient. 


But don't let its size fool you, it's just as efficient and effective as those expensive $5000+ ice baths you see elsewhere. At only 40lbs (18kg), it is incredibly lightweight, and therefore easy to move around. With 20 micron filtration & 24/7 water flow which maintains clean & clear water for weeks to months.